Eternal Notre-Dame

An Immersive Expedition in partnership with Orange, Amaclio Productions, the Public Institution in charge of the renovation of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Diocese of Paris and the City of Paris

An Immersive Expedition through space and time

From its construction in the Middle Ages to the current restoration site, “Eternal Notre-Dame” Immersive Expedition is a technological challenge that allows the public to immerse themselves in the heart of the history of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral and its treasures. Visitors will discover an emblematic monument in all its aspects by traveling through space and time and becoming an actor in the rebirth of the monument.

Immersion in virtual reality at the service of History

Equipped with an immersive device (VR headset and backpack), visitors will be able to move freely in a 500 sqm space in Virtual Reality. Guided by a “Compagnon du Devoir” they will travel through different centuries and will explore several eras of Notre Dame de Paris and its environement, recreated in 3D.

Thanks to scientific surveys, and precise historical data, the cathedral and its surroundings have been precisely reproduced to enhance the visitor’s immersion and engagement in the experience.

A scenario created as an invitation to explore the monument

Eternal Notre Dame is an in-depth journey during which visitors will learn a lot on the monument’s history and understand the massive amount of work that has been and currently being done for its reconstruction. They will also preceive the deep meaning of Notre-Dame de Paris, which is much more than a monument…

We are excited to show the immense potential of Immersive Expeditions to the public. Our teams are proud to contribute, through their expertise, to the reconstruction and preservation of this unique, so symbolic monument, that is Notre-Dame de Paris.

Fabien Barati

CEO, Emissive