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Offer an Immersive Expedition to your audience

Venue operators & Distributors

You are a venue operator and you manage cultural events? Our Immersive Expeditions are available for distribution in France and worldwide.

Immersive Expeditions require a minimum of 300 sq.m space that can host important visitor flows. We advise and support our partners throughout all aspects of the operation: equipment, installation, maintenance…and much more.

Coproducers & Cultural Institutions

You are a cultural institution and aims to provide users with new content ?

In addition to the Immersive Expeditions available in our catalog, we can create tailor-made Immersive Expeditions with you. Historical sites, fine arts, science, our heritage is full of incredible topics that we can bring to the public in an entirely new way.


Offer your audience a cultural and entertaining immersive experience, like they never experimented before

Generate new revenues by hosting large flows of visitors in your venue

Enjoy the best of VR, in a simple and easy way for visitors and operators