Horizon of Khufu

Journey in Ancient Egypt

An Immersive Expedition through space and time

Go on an immersive expedition and discover the Great Pyramid of Giza! Along with your family and friends, you’ll be able to explore spaces previously closed to the public. Then, a magical transition will transport you 4,500 years back in time to attend the funeral of King Khufu, a genuinely emotional journey into the heart of Egyptian culture.

Immersion in Virtual Reality at the service of History

The visit begins as the sun rises over the Giza Necropolis, the famous Egyptian site home to the three Great Pyramids. In their shadows lay the silhouettes of mastabas, the tombs of deceased monarchs’ inner circles and families. You are not alone in surveying these thousand-year-old lands. Along with a virtual guide and other visitors, you start off as a giant avatar, treading the eternal sand of the Giza Plateau to reach the majestic Sphinx before making your way to the foot of the Pyramid of Giza for a VIP visit at nightfall.

Egyptology and scientific accuracy

The “Horizon of Khufu” Immersive Expedition has been designed to be as precise as possible. The experience is the result of several years of research and data collected on site, in partnership with Peter Der Manuelian, professor of Egyptology and his team at the Giza Project, Harvard University. We aim to ensure that all information provided in the experience is based on architectural, scientific and historical data.

I am delighted to participate in this unique project aimed at making an important part of the the Giza plateau pyramids accessible to all.

Peter Der Manuelian

Egyptologist, Harvard University